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👋 Hey, I’m Marta!

📍Madrid, Spain

Creative and collaborative marketer with 6+ years of experience in B2C and B2B. Proactive team player with a get-things-done attitude. Demonstrated ability to work independently in multicultural and fast-paced environments. Experience working cross-functionally with various teams, including product, sales, and marketing.

 Product Marketing    SaaS    Brand building    Go-to-market  strategy    Content Marketing    Copywriting    Social Media Strategy    Digital Marketing 



🗣️ Speak 6 languages: SPA, CAT, ENG, FRA, ITA, POR 

⚡ Worked in: Fintech, Market Research, Video Games, Branding Agency

🌍 Lived in 3 countries: Spain, Canada, Belgium

My values

💻 2.5 years as Product Marketing Manager in SaaS

For 2.5 years I was the owner of Spanish marketing activities at Xolo, an Estonian SaaS company in the Fin-Tech landscape whose mission is to make solopreneurship better than employment by providing all-in-one solutions for freelancers across the globe.

💬 Created strong positioning and messaging

🚀 Worked on product/feature launches

✍️ Content development and strategy

🧲 Identified top channels for acquisition, maintained and optimized them

🤝  Cross-functional collaboration

Notable work

Community building (Slack)

Context: More and more brands are jumping into forums, to meet where their target audience is, listen to them and create a conversation with their customers.

Action: I built the first community of freelancers in Spain from scratch, as a brand initiative for Xolo. A Slack space where to ask questions, share resources, find job opportunities and connect with fellow fiercely independent professionals.


Online Reputation Management

Context: Our online reputation needed to be improved in order to attract more customers. Our goal was to get 50 new reviews and end up with an average of 4.5 stars or more in our review sites. 



Product explainer video

Context: Existing homepage visitors didn’t get a quick and clear overview of what the product looked like or what it could do for them. This was stopping them from considering us/converting. 

Action: I lead the creation of a 30-60 sec long product explainer video that would be later embedded on the website to provide a quick and engaging overview of what they can achieve with Xolo and increase consideration/conversion. The project involved:

Results: 20% lift in the New User to Sign Up conversion rate. Video used as a sales enablement material.

Lead generation campaign

Context: End of the year was approaching and in 2023 there was a change in the Spanish legislation regarding self-employed business set up which was creating a lot of confusion amongst freelancers. We didn't want to miss the opportunity to do something so by educating our audience in the matter, we wanted to position our brand as the authority in the industry and also attract them to be our customers.

Action: Playing with the urgency factor we created a conversion focused landing page to generate leads, which we amplified via paid channels: LinkedIn, Meta, Google Search and Google Display. We then nurtured those leads through the funnel into conversion with an email workflow. As an extension of this we also created a webinar and an email campaign targeted to all our users.

Results: This campaign contributed to a 20% increase on new Sign ups. As a result, in the beginning of 2023 a lead generation-focused downloadable guide on the same topic and a bunch of SEO blog articles which contributed to the strengthening of our brand authority.

Customer Success stories

Context: Social proof is one of the most important aspects to build brand trust and credibility, since people are more and more skeptical in their purchase decisions. 

Action: Creating a series of customer stories to contribute to Xolo’s brand reputation, boost sales, build trust with prospects and increase customer loyalty.


Additional work

Collaborating with a video production firm in Madrid. Tasks include:

Companies I worked for

INTERVIEW REQUESTS ONLY: HireMartaPuerto@gmail.com